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Cosmetic Dentistry In Owen Sound

Your smile has the ability to make or break a first impression. That means you want a smile that matches your inner confidence, and that makes you look and feel your best. So whether you want to feel more youthful or wish to restore the natural appearance of your smile, our general dentist at River Side West Family Dental Centre can perform a complete range of cosmetic dental treatments to help you achieve your desired results. For first-rate cosmetic dentistry in Owen Sound, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

River Side West Family Dental Centre performs the following cosmetic dentistry services in Owen Sound: 

Dental implant

Unlike dentures or bridges, which replace teeth above the gum line, dental implants are inserted into the jawbone to replace the roots of missing teeth. A new crown is placed on top of the implant. The new tooth looks and feels similar to natural teeth, and doesn’t require any preparation to surrounding teeth. Implants can be used to replace one or several teeth.

Teeth whitening

Having a whiter and brighter smile can help you look your best and boost your confidence. Zoom® whitening is a safe and effective method for removing stains and discolouration on your teeth. This in-office treatment is fast acting, and is applied using a specially-formulated gel that is activated by a high intensity light.


Cosmetic bonding is a treatment where durable material that matches your tooth is sculpted to complete a new and natural tooth. It is an ideal treatment for repairing a cracked or chipped tooth, close gaps and change the shape of your tooth.


Porcelain veneers are thin shells of tooth-coloured material that are bonded to your teeth to change the appearance. They look and function just like your natural teeth. Veneers have a myriad of uses, including changing the shape of your teeth, closing gaps and improving the appearance of crooked teeth.


A crown, sometimes referred to as a cap, is a dental restoration treatment that replaces the outer surface of your tooth with ceramic material. It is commonly used to restore a tooth that is too damaged to support a filing. Crowns are also used on top of dental implants.


If you are missing one or more teeth, a bridge may be a suitable choice to restore them. It is an appliance that contains crowns that is placed in the mouth. It helps to improve your ability to chew and speak properly, as well as correct your bite.

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